Could the Jersey Shore be this quiet?

Trying to get a peak of the infamous hot tub at the shore house

For those of you who have been even more out of touch with pop culture, then I was while on the ship, the show that stormed through this season was the Italian stereotyping, testosterone and estrogen filled hormones of the Jersey Shore.

Under normal circumstances I don’t watch Tv and would never have found a show like this, but a friend of mine introduced me to this train wreck one week and like an good accident you cant turn your eyes from, we ended up making it a weekly ritual.

Karma club on the streets of the Jersey Shore

While in Philadelphia I had the opportunity to day-trip to Seaside heights to take in all the ambience of the now infamous Jersey Shore boardwalk, but being winter, all the sex and violence had disappeared, and what was left was a quiet and peaceful little seaside town one would be surprised could house such mayhem during the summer.

An extremely quiet boardwalk

I walked the boardwalk, where Ronnie just couldn’t turn a blind eye and kept getting into fights, taking in all the closed up carnival attractions and recognizing all of the television B-roll that made up the filler for the show. One carney was actually still open, sitting on his lawn chair on this brisk January afternoon, hoping that someone… anyone would take a throw and try to win a stuffed animal like J-wow. Unfortunately no one was around except for a few maintenance crew, some local walkers and a few crazy sub-zero temperature surfers in full on wet suits.

Bamboo club, where many a fight was had and many a girl was picked up

Bamboo club where many a girl was picked up

I walked along the silent streets passing the once rowdy and alcohol filled clubs of Karma and Bamboo, but there was no fist pumping going on and no Snooky looking to get sucker punched in the face. The air wasn’t filled with the sounds of the beat and there was certainly no gratuitous shots of T and A to be had.

I posed in front of the shore store and in front of the Italian emblazoned garage of the infamous shore house to prove to my friend that I had in fact been to the Jersey Shore. I walked around to check out the back of the house to see the infamous hot tub, but I didn’t want to trespass and have a real “situation” so I moved on heading back to the car.

Me in front of the Shore Store

While preparing to leave the shore this car pulled up next to us and two people in their seventies stepped out of the car. I thought there was no way that they could be here for the same reasons but sure enough the man gave his wife his cell phone and began posing in front of the same garage I had been standing in front of only moments before. I can only hope it was for a grandchild, but it turned out to be the most entertainment the shore had provided me with.

It seems that Seaside definitely hibernates during the winter, but it would be fair to say that come summer time, the beats will be jumping, the fists will be pumping, and while the gang from the original cast may not be coming back, Im sure that there will be plenty of mayhem on the beaches of the Jersey Shore and within the walls of that very house where these old folks now stood…. well that’s if the owner can actually get someone dumb enough to pay the $15000 a week that he’s asking!

Even older folks love the Jersey Shore

Me in front of the shore house where it all went down

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